Navigating Water Challenges in the Tech Age: Insights from Industry Experts

In this riveting episode of The Tech Humanist Show, Kate O’Neill sits down with Aimee’ Killeen and Chuck Greely, two pivotal figures in the water sector, to explore the confluence of technology, environmental science, and water management. Aimee’ Killeen, President of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and COO of Providence Engineering and Environmental Group, shares her personal connection to the Gulf Coast and how it fuels her commitment to ensuring clean water for all. She discusses the challenges of water scarcity, the impact of infrastructure funding, and the importance of public awareness in the water sector.

Chuck Greely, Assistant Division Leader of DUDEK’s Engineering Group and President of the California Water Environment Association, brings his insights on the future of water sustainability in the face of climate change. From the “silver tsunami” of retiring water professionals to the potential of AI to revolutionize the water industry, Chuck offers a hopeful yet pragmatic view of what lies ahead.

Together, they paint a vivid picture of the water challenges we face, the technological innovations that could help overcome them, and the vital role of mentorship and community engagement in building a sustainable water future.

Dive into this episode to discover how the water sector is navigating its way towards a future where the best thing since clean water is the technology and human ingenuity preserving it.

📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) The Tech Humanist Show explores how data and technology shape the human experience
(01:06) Aimee’ majored in environmental science at LSU; she now works in water conservation
(03:27) Over 2 million Americans live without basic access to safe drinking water and sanitation
(07:58) Almost 2 million Americans without clean water and sewer service to their home
(10:16) Providence helps industries deal with wastewater and water treatment challenges
(15:50) Water leaders need to increase visibility of their sector through effective communication
(23:02) Ways the sector can help people recognize water value
(25:38) Community building, mentorship, and raising up new leaders in water quality is important
(29:02) Chuck Greely, president of the California Water Environment Association
(31:49) Climate change is having negative effects on both surface water and groundwater
(34:50) What kind of life are humans looking at if we don’t achieve sustainable water goals
(36:43) How has working in the Colorado River Basin shaped Chuck’s ideas about water future
(40:37) Every industry is grappling with workers workforce growing pains
(42:25) CWEA is looking at ways to attract and train new water workforce members
(45:50) CWEA members advocate for the association through networking and educational opportunities
(47:56) Kate O’Neill: CWEA annual conference is coming up very quickly

Join us for this wide-ranging and thoughtful episode, which serves not only as a platform for discussing critical environmental issues but also a call to action for listeners to engage with and contribute to the efforts towards achieving a sustainable water future. The intersection of technology, water, and climate change presents complex challenges, but as our guests have shown, it also offers the opportunity for profound, impactful solutions.

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