Balancing Economic Needs and Environmental Stewardship: Lessons from Nevada’s Mining Industry

Dive deep with us into the world of mining, sustainability, and the delicate balance between economic needs, environmental responsibility, and future potential. Our interview with Dana Bennett, president of the Nevada Mining Association, sheds light on the complex landscape of the mining industry, in Nevada but also globally, and its implications for communities and technology. As we explore topics ranging from the demand for critical minerals to the role of advanced technology in mining, we uncover Nevada’s pioneering efforts in stewardship and how it sets an example for other regions.

Join us as we navigate the dialogue around responsible mining practices and the exciting advancements in tech the industry is exploring.

About our guest Dana Bennett:

Dana Bennett, Ph.D., is the Interim President of the Nevada Mining Association, where she previously served as the organization’s first female President. Bennett implemented the NVMA’s first strategic plan and increased membership. She is a lifelong Nevadan with 30 years of experience in public policy in Nevada and a Ph.D. in history. Bennett has authored three books and numerous articles and has served as a consultant for companies doing business in Nevada as well as policymakers in the Silver State.

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